August 1998

What makes people so afraid of us?

That seems to be my question of the day. To tell the truth I have no real idea, but I will try to express what I think it is.

I was at work the other day, (I work in a nursing home) it was lunchtime and dietary had just arrived. There was this new guy working, I thought nothing of it, at first. Then he started to ask me questions about myself. He had saw my name tag and he wanted to know if I knew a guy named "James" at first I wasn't sure who he was talking about. Then I realized he was talking about my gay friend. I looked at his nametag and remembered James telling me about him, he was also gay.

Anyway, after they had left me and another girl that I work with went into one of the resident's rooms to feed her. We got to talking about "Dave" and she told me that he was gay. She told me how gross she thought two men being together was. She has no idea that I'm bi. She thought that it is a waste for guys to be gay, especially if they are good looking. Then she got a bit more personal and started talking about lesbians. She just couldn't understand why two girls would want to be together sexually.

I think that is the thing right there "sexually". They only think that we're in it for the sex. For me it's not only about that it is also about the relationship with the person. Talking can be better than the sex, just having someone you can share your soul with can be enough. (Granted the sex is good.) I don't know if you agree, but that is my opinion.

Maybe if they had more of an open mind, they would understand that the same principles apply to all relationships, why should our relationships be different?

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