August 1998

Writing my first column on the deadline, not a good start one might say. Considering this is my first column and all it would probably be best to discuss something wildly interesting to grab people's attention but, unfortunately, I couldn't think of anything. Instead I'll just make you read my little observations on things I've been reading recently. So what if it's well-trodden ground, let's tread it some more.

Despite the differences in culture between the US and here in the UK, political wrangling over homosexuality seems to be startlingly similar. Looking at the arguments from conservative MP's in the equal consent debate and the current tirades in the US senate the feeble justifications run in parallel. (Thankfully the Tories are in minority and will be for years yet). Although over here they stop short of quoting the Bible, the tone remains the same.

My point here is that how can the people in government not see the danger in what they do. We have perfect examples of what theocracy can do to in a country. We only have to look to Iran, or particularly Afghanistan, to see what happens when a country is steered by religious scripture. Our politicians don't hesitate to criticise these governments or impose trade restrictions but then turn around and try to do the same to their own people. If the right wins on issues such as homosexuality, especially in powerful first world nations, what will be next? How long before people have their hands cut off for thieving? How long before everyone's basic rights are removed in the name of 'morality'? Although I admit these examples are a little dubious the principle is there. One way or the other it will be learned that religion had no place in politics, through peaceful means now or through blood later. I believe that this particular battle could be a pivotal moment, more so in the US. Despite illusions of complete freedom the EU still bows to America. Perhaps the upcoming elections will give us an idea of what is to come.

Reading through what I've just written it seems incredibly heavy and doom laden. No doubt a reasonable idea expressed incredibly badly. Unfortunately I don't have time to change it and it wouldn't improve greatly anyway. If I get around to writing another column I'll try to make it a little lighter.

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