August 1998

Perfect Harmony

Well, I must say that music has always been an integral part of my life. Everyone in my family sings; has a taste for musical art. Ever since I was scarcely knee-high my mother taught me to sing, and I am thankful for that. Me being an actor, it's easier for me to get into those musicals that I work hard to gain admission to.

Speaking of musicals, I have learned a hard lesson recently: people never forget. The faculty director of my school is angry with me I think because I refused to be in the drama. I admit that, because I'm an actor and it's just the way I was brought up, I was slightly rude to him in my refusal. When it came time for the musical auditions, I must say that I gave an exceptional one. That's without any conceit, too. I went up and sang my heart out. All the while he was watching me with a peculiar smile on his face.

I knew I was done for.

I refused to give up hope, though. I prayed and hoped and plead to Goddess that things would turn out all right. Of course they didn't. So I was forced to watch the musical I wanted so badly to be in. I didn't mind it, but some people at my school hated the musical. Makes me feel almost good that I wasn't in it....

So I went along, went through my Exams, and finally my Spring break rolled around <sigh of relief>. It's funny though, one never realizes how fast the year goes until it's almost over, similar to a minuet. Anyway, my friends invited me to go see Rocky Horror Picture Show with them. Doing anything with my friends always ends up being a blast, but Rocky, THAT was fun! I, being a "virgin" to the musical, was made to sit up front to be humiliated in the infamous "virgin games". In my frantic search for a front row seat, I was stopped by the cutest guy I have EVER seen in my life. He made a comment on my shirt, but I was too dazed to tell what he said. I just smiled and said, "thank you," with all the volume of the wind in the willows on a summer day. He smiled (I almost fainted) and one of my friends pulled me along. I could have hit her for that.

My friend, we'll call her Sally, and I decided to sit in the aisle. I kept watching that kid that had stopped me, and to my horror I saw my ex-boyfriend start flirting with him. At that moment I heard one of the brass instruments hit a sour note. The audience moaned and someone threw something at the pit. I forced myself to pay attention to the instructions the rest of the "virgins" were being given over all of the noise. Then I heard another sour note and I couldn't help but look over to where the kid had gone. He and my ex were making out. If I weren't black I would have turned sheet pale, or beet red. As it was I was furious! All of the music for the rest of the night sounded harsh and off key, even though I know not a single wrong note was hit after that. People never forget.

I'll always remember that.

The thing that bothers me the most about that is that while we were driving back, he commented on how he had SEEN me flirting with the kid, whom I later found was named Bryan. If he weren't driving I would have strangled him. To make it clear however that my ex isn't all bad, he also told me that he had met Bryan before at different Rocky Horror shows. Not that that made it any better for me. What's very cool though, is that the music I've trusted and trained most of my life warned me about trouble. So I guess Shakespeare was wrong; life is not a play, it's a musical.

Love, harmony, and summer melodies to all,


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