Sean Maguire

August 1998

Ellen got her turn, now it's mine.... I'm coming out, baby, and there's nothing you can do to stop me!

Sounds like a Ricki Lake, don't it? But I did. Well, only to one friend, and he's an arse bandit too. And it all happened thanks to the wonders of modern technology. Here's how it happened (gather round, children):

Shortly after writing my last column, my friend sent me a file (e-mail attachment) I was supposed to look at; but it turned out to be, ahem, different. The words male and naked come to mind (and not only the only things to come, I presume).

I don't want to let too much out (in more ways than one) here; so I'm going to spare the details. It came to be that I had to tell him I knew, to protect myself, sort of. (kind of selfish, I know, but I wasn't ready to be outed, just yet). Anyway I told him I knew, and how I knew.... but didn't tell him I was gay straight out ...

X: Oh no. OK, you know then. But Ok, don't say anything.

Me: Umm, well, the only reason I didn't blab is because, umm, me too, and I wouldn't like it if someone blabbed about me.

X: Oh my God! This is so cool! Wow, both of us? We are so cool! I mean, all the cool people are doing it! I'm not really sure yet. Just curious.

(signed)A bisexual person.

I'm not sure if he was joking about the cool people (he's like that) -- but remember folks, you are the cool people.




p.s. A big hi to Bill, Rick, Phil and the extremely cool Matt, who should be reading this!

p.p.s It my Birthday this month!

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