Paul Sepuya

August 1998

Part One

I feel so gay. Do I walk "gay"? Talk "gay"? Do "gay" stuff? I don't think so. I'm just gay. I mean, there's nothing more aesthetic and appealing to the eye than a nice male body. His eyes and his smile. His shoulders and chest, stomach, and derriere. How can anyone not at least realize the sexuality? I get my XY or OUT magazine, and the sex appeal in the words and photography is definitely one of the selling points. Having a boyfriend or occasional scam/friend close to you, just being together is all you need.

Outwardly, this sexual attraction is why people say, "Oh that's Paul. He's gay." But then, if it weren't that, it would be what I've been through that draws common interests with millions of other gay youth worldwide. I want to know about our civil rights struggles, our faiths and communities, our history and culture as a definitive part of the collective human experience. I can also find that in The Advocate, XY or OUT, whereas in the main news media never covers such issues. Their delicate corporate feet can't tread on "controversial" topics. But that's what news is all about. It's what's happening. Not to exclude what some don't want to hear. How many times on NBC Nightly News have you heard anything about the Lott vs. Hormel as ambassador issue? Never.

But we're always criticized over public sexuality. There are Playboy photoshoots on Primetime network TV, sex tips for men to use on women in GQ, and 10 year old girls drooling over teenybopper magazines full of shirtless guys. Yet only MTV and the pay movie channels will dare air two men kissing. When a gay magazine has sex tips, it's just more of those "promiscuous gays." If young men are posing for pictures, it's gay pedophilia.

Enough whining. No one likes a complainer.

Since I've been feeling extra gay, lately, I got some new gay stuff. Some rainbow suspenders for those times when I feel a bit silly. Some mags of some fine-ass guys, the decent ones of course. Made myself a rainbow bead necklace. Met a really nice guy (too bad he's only visiting SoCal for summer), and gave my straight friends a tour of their first gay bookstore.

There's this big, expensive book at the gay bookstore in Laguna Beach with excellent stuff on gay sailors and stuff. All from the 40s and 50s. Classic. I'm saving up for it because I have a fascination with gay sailors. They're the sexiest thing besides Dave Navarro. Oh, in case you don't know, Senor Navarro (former guitarist of Red Hot Chili Peppers) is the finest, sexiest, most gorgeous and adorable living man in the world ! No argument. Your only option is to comply.

Part Two

I took a photography course at UC Riverside, it's college credit. I've never taken a more fabulous class than this one. All black and white photography. Black and white has a wonderful feel to it. Taking pictures is fun, but what's better is going in to print and customize your photos. You can do ANYTHING you ever dreamed of. Add special effects, edit, crop, sepia tone. Real professional stuff.

I know this is my calling. Another gay photographer taking pictures at the beach of surfers, snapping shots of downtown, and hopefully getting published in magazines and books. The professor says I have exceptional work.

That was a short part two.

Part three

The End

So if you want to see some of my photo creations, see my website. If you want Dave Navarro pictures, check in too. Or if you're bored, I've just redone it recently, and shameless self-promotion ain't no sin, y'hear!

Thanks for checking out my column. Time to read someone else's...

Paul Sepuya

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