Aztec Yhessin

August 1998

I apologize for the hiatus that I put my regular readers through during my journey for 3 months down the lane that we all know so well. Trying to get into college. I seem to be having problems. Nothing to worry about. Well, that's not completely true. But, anyway...

After responding to tons of e-mail regarding my opening 'Titanic' theme for my April column, I have found that it's scary how many people have actually seen that movie, more than once. I thank all of you for sending me e-mail on that column.

Moving on...

Enjoying What You Are Now

Continued for last month,

And the month before that,

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And the month that I did my really cool coming out column,

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And the month before that.

(Note: you should really check out all of my columns, otherwise you might not know who Tommy, Robin, Jimmy, Scott, Mark, Tina, Justine, Christine, Lani, Jared, Robbie, Hannah, Shana, Paul, Melissa, Missy, Hilary, Katie, Veronica, Kyle, Kylie, Matt, Erica, John, or Justin are.)

To start off this column, I'd like to say that recently many things have been happening in my life. Tommy and Robin (Robin's a guy - he's really cute) finally started going out, right after Erica came out in school as a lesbian on the last day. It was an amazing occurrence. My father just sold about three-hundred-and-forty-five shares of the stock that he has in holding for me, so I can pay or college, and he said that maybe I can even get a new car. Maybe a brand new Bug, even though they have some mechanical problems. I'm really excited.

But that's not all. I re-met this girl that I have basically known my entire life, just that she was two thousand miles away, and we spend a lot of time on the Internet talking to each other. She knows I'm bisexual and is cool with it, and her sister has gone out with a couple of bisexual guys and has no problem with it, but her dog's kind of nuts and likes the pee the floor all the time. Her family loves me and everything, but I'm still into guys, and I'm not sure how long our relationship is going to last, because I plan on getting this really cool job at the mall in the PagerMart, and I can spend all day looking at cute guys and girls, and maybe even someone will hit on me because I'm bisexual, and maybe someone I meet there will be bisexual too.

Just in case I didn't ever specify it clear enough in my recent columns, I'm bisexual, and I'm 5'11", 145 pounds, blond hair, and blue eyes, (and a washboard stomach) and I really love The Backstreet Boys, The Spice Girls, Puff Daddy, and Natalie Merchant (I hate 10,000 maniacs, though.) I really like riding my bike all around town, and I love to wear my most favorite shirt in the world, but it's kind of hard to describe so I shouldn't have really mentioned it, but I have now, so I might as well tell you how much I love it, and how I've had it since I was like thirteen, actually I think I was wearing it that first night that I met that guy in the bathroom at Chuck E. Cheese and we fell in love but then we broke up because he was married, and like forty and stuff, and I kind of thought that was gross, but I got over it, and then met my other boyfriend Larry when I was 14, but that has nothing to do with my shirt, except that it's blue and stuff, and I love it because it's so comfy. But if you like what I sound like and write like and stuff, you should e-mail me because I know there are other guys out there in Indiana, and stuff so get a hold of me and stuff. But don't take this as a fortified personal ad or anything.

I doubt you'll read this far down, but for everyone of you peeps that did, you're cool in my book, and I'll have to buy you a latte some day in some coffee shop after I move to San Francisco to be proud and stuff, even though I don't think my parents would want me to do that, but they probably wouldn't want me to be gay either... I mean bisexual, but I will anyway because I can, and I want to be proud.

I just wanted to say that I totally agree with that one dude's column on coming out in the July Oasis, you know the dude that I'm talking about, the one with the column on coming out, there was only one you know, and stuff, and if you want to read my coming out article you should find it and give me an e-mail of what you think, because I love e-mail, especially from really cute guys.

Anyway, I got home at like twelve midnight on the fifteenth and realized that I should whip up a column together, but I think that it's getting too long now. I was out with Stacy and Kelly but I hope they don't find out about that guy I know that I've been hanging out with a lot, because neither of them know that I'm gay... I mean bisexual, because I would just die. I can't wait for school to start this fall and to start college, because I'll finally be out on my own and stuff, and I might have a new Bug and stuff, but I already told you about that.

I would write more about my coming out story, but I really don't want to steal anyone else's column ideas on Oasis, so I think I'll just skip that for now, but I can assure you that it was pretty similar. My mom cried, for a minute, my dog rolled over, and my father said: "But you're so tall." I got that from the movie "In & Out," Kevin Kline is pretty cute for an old guy. That is Kevin Kline who played in that, right, cause I'm not sure.

You know, one thing that I've realized is that a whole bunch of movies with cute guys have been out recently that are based in my hometown. It's really strange, and I'm really proud. Anyway, I'm going to spend a little while trying to figure out the differences between Pocahontas and Mulan, and how I wish that God created all guys to look like what Disney makes them look like. Besides, Raymond just came over and he's kind of still shaky about what happened between him and his dad, so we're going to go to IHOP and talk and stuff.

I'll be back next month!! I love you peeps!


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