Letter from the Editor

August 1998

As usual, most of what's going on with Oasis I still can't show you. Boring automation stuff going on behind the scenes. As a user, it will mean better navigation (no more having to hit back on each column to get to the next, they'll all be interlinked), content will be more dynamic and I'll bepulling more into the background and letting younger writers assume leadership roles within the magazine.

On Aug. 1, I'll get to see Liam Neesom in The Judas Kiss on Broadway, which will be good for my Broadway fetish, to say nothing of his playing Oscar Wilde. A few days later, I'll see Lion King, which I've heard incredible things about.

Next month (and I apologize for mentioning it so soon) is our Back to School issue. So, feel free to submit stories about things that happened to you in school. Talk about what you hope will happen this year in school. Are you looking forward to it? Fearing it? Planning to come out? Want to take a same-sex date to the prom? Let us know. If you're old like me and out of school, feel free to reflect on what you went through when you were in high school. Thanks. Send anything to jeff@oasismag.com



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