Robertson jokes about Clinton assassination

Christian Coalition Founder and Chairman Pat Robertson recently implied that President Clinton is deserving of assassination.

On The 700 Club, Robertson's daily television program, Robertson included the following comments in a story about the debate over whether members of the Secret Service should be protected from subpoena:

I guess their thinking is, well, if they can squeal on the President, so to speak, then he'll slip out the back alley by himself, without a Secret Service detail, and then some gunman will assassinate him. Well if you've got a philandering president, maybe that's what, ya know (laughter) ... I mean, he can take his chances."

People For the American Way Foundation President Carole Shields said "Implying that the President should be assassinated, even in jest, is completely irresponsible. Pat Robertson's comments would be unbelievable if he didn't have such a long track record of ridiculous statements."

"Just a couple of weeks ago Robertson was threatening Orlando with God's wrath for the dire deed of flying rainbow flags," said Shields. "Despite the best efforts of his handlers, Robertson just can't keep his extremism from bubbling out. It's a remarkable state of affairs that this man * the patriarch of the Religious Right political movement * is treated with respect by America's conservative leaders."

People For the American Way Foundation is a 300,000-member national nonprofit organization dedicated to defending civil rights; promoting the democratic values of religious freedom and respect for diversity; and developing a culture of opportunity and tolerance of individual difference. 

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