"I wish she knew"

By Gabrielle East

Why do I have to feel so bad
Every time I feel good?
I'm in love with her
And so misunderstood.
She is my beloved friend.
And I will lover her
Till the very end.
When she's around
I don't know what to do.
God I wish she knew.
This is how I am
And for there opinions
I don't give a damn.
All the things I go through
God I wish she knew.
But what would happen if she knew?

Gabrielle, 15, is bisexual and lives in Tennessee. She writes, "I have been in love with a certain girl for nearly three years and she doesn't know because I have always been afraid it would destroy our friendship if she knew. It's been bothering me a lot lately and since poetry seems to make me feel better, I wrote this poem about the situation."

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