From One Woman To Another

By Kelly

Have you ever wondered
Thought about or pondered,
On the subject of
Your sexuality?
I told you yesterday,
That I think I might be gay
That was hard.
but harder to bear was your response.
How do you know? you said,
A million feelings passed me by
Questions, answers, why, why, WHY
But I was lost for words
and you'd already turned away.
So I ask you again,
Have YOU ever wondered?
Or did you just follow,
What felt right to you.
When you kiss a man,
Lose yourself in his touch,
Do you ever stop and think
Of why it feels so good,
So right...
Probably not.
And nor should you ever
For why do we need to analyze,
Dissect and question and hypothesize
On what nature gave us as a gift
The ability to love,
To love and take pleasure,
From the human touch
Of those we come to love,
Whoever they may be.

By Kelly, age 19 from Sydney, Australia

©1998 Oasis Magazine. All Rights Reserved.