September 1998

Hi, my name is Angela. I live in San Diego, California. I'm 15 years old and I came out about four months ago to my parents and I've been open to my friends for a little over a year.

I fear going back to school because of all the crap that happened last year. You see my school is full of racist and close-minded people. I'm sure most high schools are like that, though. Anyway, last year was one of the worst years because I was well out.

I have never really tried to hide it from the world. It's just always been like, "Hey, this is Angela, oh, and by the way, she's a lesbian." It's just always been there and no one really seemed to care all too much. That is except for my school.

You see, I'm not allowed to discuss my sexuality in school. I can still remember the day that the principal dragged me into his office and told me, "Angela, people have been coming in here and saying that they're uncomfortable with the fact that you're open about your sexuality and we would like for you to not discuss it while you are at school."

I was so pissed, but that's what I have to go through. I'm hoping this year won't be as bad, but I know in my heart it will be worse. I keep telling myself just to roll with it, to look the other way and it always seemed like that.

I'm tired of it, though. I am tired of looking the other way of blowing it off and saying that it will all go away. I know now that it's not true. I am tired of hiding, of not standing up to it all, acting like it didn't affect me, but to tell you the truth it does affect me, it always affects me. This year, I am not going to take their crap, this year I am going to stand up to them, I just hope I can live up to my words.


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