Sean Dunbar

September 1998

Hi there...

Wow.. yet another new face in Oasis. Wonders never cease, eh? Let me start by introducing myself. I'm Sean, a halfway-out/halfway-in-the-closet 19 yr old from Carrollton TX (about half an hour north of Dallas). Before I get bombarded with questions asking "how long have I known I was queer", I'd say since I was 13. Came out to my best friend at 15; got outed to my parents at 18. D'oh!

Anyway... I'm in a change-type mood.. so guess what this is about.. change. So.. obviously, my life is undergoing a lot of changes right now. I've been living with my best friend for the past year; I've been living in the Dallas area for the past year. I've been trying to decide where to take my life, what I want to do with myself, etc etc. Changes? I turn 20 next week (by the time you see this I'll be 20 anyway). I'm moving back in with my mom, since my friend got a job in Ohio. I'm leaving my decent ($10.50/hour) tech support job so I can get back in college. I'm finally starting to get a social life for the first time since I graduated from high school (1996). I got a new haircut; an undercut instead of the old layered, parted on the side cut I've worn all my life. Finally learning how to swim. Got a new(er) car (okay, a 1988 IS newer than the 1980 I drove for 3 years.. right?). Maybe soon I'll get the earring I've always wanted to.

As you can see.. lots of changes going on with me. How about with you?

Ranting time two. I jump around a lot on my subjects... don't like it? Tough. Heh.

One thing that's kind of ticked me off for a long time is the gay stereotype. Why do people have a hard time believing someone is gay if they don't act and look like a stereotypical fag? I don't have very good taste in clothes. I don't lisp. I have a somewhat deep voice and don't say "you go girl <snap snap>" constantly (actually, I never say it). The wrists aren't limp. I don't wear Daisy Dukes that let your ass cheeks hang out and shirts that show off an ugly stomach when I make one of my rare visits to the "gay strip" here. In fact, I rarely wear shorts at all, and when I do, they're at least knee length (okay, I like them baggy). My hair has always been its natural colour (brown). My car isn't plastered with pride stickers. And I'm not out to convert the world - just the cute guy who I keep running into at work in the cafeteria <grin>. So, why can't people accept me for who I am? It kinda sucks, you know.

And, before I get hit with loads of email asking "how out are you?" <grin>. I'm out to my mom and dad (but not my stepmom or stepdad), my mom's best friend, all my old friends from when I lived in El Paso (remember I said I moved to the Dallas area last year), and a couple of people from work. And, of course, my best friend/ex-roommate. My last day of work is the day after my birthday (which falls somewhere between 8/16 and 8/22); I'm probably going to come out to a few select people then, since I've gotten to be pretty close with some of them. I'll probably be semi-out in school - not going to be screaming it, but if someone asks me, I'll tell them. If someone asks if I have a girlfriend, I might catch myself saying something like "no, I broke up with my boyfriend a few months ago". I don't know. But anyway..

Okay.. this was mostly rambling, but still. Anyway, if you want to get in touch with me, bean4@idt.net will get you there. ICQ number is 6334465. You can find me on IRC as [bean] most of the time; I hang out in #gayteen on EFNet and #gaydallasteens on UnderNet.

Until next time (I hope?!), hasta.


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