September 1998

Hello everyone again!

First of all, I really want to say I am sorry for not writing on here since who knows when! I've been really busy the last few months here with lot of summer events, working extra time at work, moving to my new home, and wedding that I was in for a good friend of mine.

I am making this a very short one here this month. I am going on Vacation starting tomorrow night and will be gone for a week.

Really Close To Home!

Last week, I was gone for a few days for a workshop/convention for work. I came home that night pretty tired, but it was way too early for me to go to bed. So I pulled up a M4M Ad. I punched in my city name just for the heck of it. It pulled up a guy from town! I couldn't believe it, almost fell out of my chair. I wanted to reply the ad right away. But I didn't want to scare him. What if it was someone I knew? Will I make him go back into the closet right away again and never talk to me? Lot of those things came to my mind. I IM'ed a few of my AOL friends asking what I should do, lot of them said I should reply to the ad and tell him you will be there for him if he needs anything. So, I did reply his ad, I stated that I was from town, and I would be glad to be your friend. I don't want to scare you away. I hope to hear from you soon. With in the next half-hour, I got an E-mail from him and would love to chat, and thought it was great to have someone in town too!

We were able to make contact on the net and chat for a while to get to know each other. We exchanged our pictures and I've seen him before. But he has not seen me. We did meet face to face a few days later. He was nervous and shy with me. I reassured him that he was safe with me and I was not going to out him. Reason he not out yet is that he's still in school and going into his senior year in school. He has not been around the gay "world" in person. So I made plans to take him to the Cities to show him around, and meet my friends.

I think we will have a great friendship, and will be doing a lot of stuff together, share our up and downs, and many other things that a close friend share.

Well, that's all I have time for tonight to write about. Hopefully next month, I will go back on track where I left off here the last time I wrote.

I like those E Mails, so feel free to E-mail me at PR235@AOL.COM

Take care!


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