Jason Lyons

September 1998

When I saw him, my eyes were open, too bad I was sleeping...

A day off from work and I'm spending it here at home with absolutely no radio, TV, or any other machine that makes noise. A day of peace and quiet, lounging in a steamed filled room, water soaking away all my worries. Now let's just hope I don't drop my notebook in the tub...

I was at dinner a couple of nights ago with my friends, Sienna and Father Joseph. Sienna is a dear friend of mine who is very open minded and whom I have much in common with. Father Joseph I would describe as the same, except for one thing. He is one year younger than I am and nearly eleven years younger than Sienna. This little bit of info opens the door to potentially different and more, life experiences. Sienna opened a discussion about sexuality and asked Father Joseph what he thinks about homosexuality. He said that he doesn't believe it exists. Someone believing themselves attracted to the same gender is simply misleading themselves. That attraction is a figment of their imagination. Now despite the fact Father Joseph knows of my bisexuality, I no longer wonder why I am uncomfortable discussing it with him. I think it could have been a very interesting discussion if he would have been interested in continuing it, however he dropped the discussion like a flaming cheese ball. So much for bringing my crackers to the table.

Sienna and I haven't been alone since then to discuss what transpired, however I look for to continuing the discussion with her. You see there is no doubt in my mind whether or not I have ever been attracted to a guy, and if I was fooling myself, then how do we know that heterosexuality isn't just an imagined phenomena?

I guess my thoughts on the idea is if my attraction to guys is IMAGINED, then I am imagining some truly WONDERFUL things...

The last month has gone as fast as this article has. Everyone be safe and happy. Hope to hear from you.


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