September 1998

Hi to all! My name is Mike and this is my debut column, so go easy on me.

I'm 28 years old and work in upstate New York. I'm 5'2 and probably weigh 180lbs.

Let me first tell you that I'm not out to my parents yet because I'm not comfortable with myself being this way yet, so I just call myself bisexual.

When I first knew that I was bisexual (there, I said it) was when my friend Wayne (not his real name) and I started to fool around during freshman year in high school. It all started when my parents left to go out of town.

I asked Wayne if he wanted to spend the night and he said sure. We even spent the night in the same bed. We were so close that night that nothing was going to pull us apart not even the next day's sunlight or even the phone ringing. We slept real late. We did a lot of stuff that day. We even took a bike ride. That day we hugged and kissed. It was so wonderful that we fell asleep in each other's arms. The next day my parents came home. Wayne and I did not want it to end. Let me tell you after those few great days, things changed between us. Our bond got stronger, we even considered ourselves a couple.

Until next time, e-mail me at drberry@goplay.com

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