September 1998

"If you are never daring, nothing will happen."

-- Anonymous

Well, I would like to start out by saying thank you to all of the people that sent me e-mail. I received enormous positive feedback about my article. If you have any thoughts about any of my articles, please feel free to e-mail me. My e-mail address is listed below.

At the end of last month's article, I told you that I would divulge some personal info. About me. I will eventually get to that but first, I want to say this: I recently went with one of my best friends to her friend's house (This friend knows that I am gay), and she decided that she wanted to go to one of her best friends house (Her best friend is the kind of person that has the attitude that the entire world is a stage). So when we got there we decided we wanted to listen to my Armageddon Soundtrack, track 1. For those of you who are not familiar with this soundtrack, It is Aerosmith's I don't want to miss a thing. It is a great love song. Anyway, afterwards, we went for a walk into her land. We walked across a stream barefoot, and continued walking until we got to the reservoir. We admired the full moon reflecting off of the rippling water. And continued up onto a hill which we could see Belle Fourche, SD to one side, and St. Onge, SD to the other side. The Black Hills were also to the south. We started to sing some of our favorite songs, did some reminiscing, and decided that it was getting late, and we headed back. I am the type of person that has a VERY loud, outspoken, almost flamboyant type of personality. When my two friends were alone at another time previous to this (names have been hidden to protect the innocent), the friend that did not know about me asked the one who did, "Sam seems like the type of person that could almost be gay." In response my friend who knew replied, "Well, he is." Finally we said our good-byes, and left. I asked my friend, "Do you think I should tell her?" She said, "Well, Sam, I think she knows." This was nonetheless a shock to me, and I was astonished. I am happy that they both now know, because I know feel extremely comfortable around them.

Anyway, know that that is finally over with I promised details about me. Why don't we start at the beginning? The beginning. Hmmm... I will make my life story short. I promise. I was born in the town of Baton Rouge, La. on June 27, 1981. I won't go into details, unless you really want to know, then you can e-mail me and I will tell you. I have lived in a total of 16 different places, and gone to 12 different schools. Currently I am a senior in High School, with excellent grades, and I have a professional knowledge in computers.

I really want to delve into more, but I also do not want to make this article too long. Next month, I plan to talk about relationships.


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