September 1998

First off, this is my first column and someone suggested (thanks Ty) that I should start off with me. Don't worry, I won't be too boring. I live in Virginia, though some people think it's boring here, it's not. There are plenty of things to do. I go to a high school that is relatively large, maybe 1800 students or so. There are gay people there in case you were wondering. I realized I was gay in the eighth grade. Already confused about growing up, I was also confused about why I was different. Instead of girls, guys seemed more attractive; it was scary at first. I disliked myself for being different, for not being like my classmates. Later, I realized life goes on. I looked to God for the answers; He didn't give me any. Why? Because it was me that had to do the answering. God makes us, but does not form us. I accepted myself awhile ago, but still haven't got the nerve to come out of the closet. One reason being that I don't want to hurt anyone, and the other for rejection. Rejection by friends, family, and even other gay people because I am not a stereotype.

This article will basically address issues on the gay stereotype. When most people think "gay," they think of the skinny effeminate male whose interests are only to get in your pants. Many of us know that this is not true. I am gay, though I'm closeted, and do not fit this stereotype. Gaychub, that is how I describe myself. A subculture exists that many do not know about, some even reject it; but why? Society rejects the homosexual community already and some of the homosexual community rejects the Gaychub culture. What happened to the golden rule? It is hard to be gay in America, even the world, but what happens if it is even harder? It's like trying to climb a tree with no thumbs, but then someone adds weights to your ankles. Do you know what it does though? It makes you stronger, because once you take off those weights, it's easier to climb the tree.

Look at the movies, Kiss Me Guido for example, yet again a male who fits the stereotype. Having a gaychub actor playing the role of a homosexual is probably like a women president; almost unrealistic. I'm not saying that a women will never become president, but I'm also not saying that a gaychub can be an actor. Barriers are strong, but the human will is stronger. If we can walk on the moon, transplant human organs, and dive to the deepest depths of the ocean, why can't we dive to the depths of our souls and accept? Humans can be closed minded, but open-minded ones can be closed as well.

Writing this article, I've poured almost all of my frustrations I have about my peers. The thought that the day I come out of the closet will be harder because not only do my family and friends have to accept it, but other gay people, too. You've heard of the expression, "You can't win them all," right? Well, I've just blown that expression out the water, because this right here is a step towards an open minded community, a voice of a people that are as unknown as the origins of a black hole. With this article, I have become me all over again.

Thanks for reading and don't mind sharing your opinion, the worst thing that can happen is that someone will disagree with you.

Thanks again,


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