September 1998

It seems so many people have an impression of other people before they know THE PERSON. We all do it, unfortunately. We see the handicapped kid at the mall and assume they have a sad life. We notice the bent over, old woman buying groceries at the market and we assume she's old and alone. We tend to assume, or hope, that our friends will care for us unconditionally, despite hearing we are gay. It's because we assume so many things about people that I am reluctant to "come out."

Yes, my gay friends, (I have some now!) remind me to come out when it's right for me and no sooner. I will, like all of us, have had to take the chance that we were going to be ridiculed or outcast for sharing the truth about ourselves. As much as I want to, I can't do it yet!

It's the same old story isn't it? How many articles have been written about the joys/sorrows of coming out? Some people can handle it due to supportive friends and family. Some people are kicked out of their parent's homes or shunned by family and friends.

I am so happy to hear from people who can be open about their sexuality. Do I have any more to lose than they did?! The cruel reality of being gay is the assumption by many people that "if he's gay, he must be a pedophile." My uncle is gay, and it was years before my sister and I were told why we didn't see him. My dad, with his "need to protect his children" never allowed us to be under the same roof as our uncle. I wonder how my dad would react if he knew his only son was gay, too.

I am a teacher. I teach children. How do you think my community would react if they found out about my homosexuality? I bet I'd have a very small class! (mmmm, maybe there's an idea! just kidding!) I know I can't be fired if I came out at work. There are people in my school district who are openly gay, but are the repercussions of such a revelation worth it?

Oh well. it was just something nagging at me for the last few days!

I have to thank a few people for really being good friends to me lately. Thank you to Brennan, Fender, and Simon! You have been great. I'm glad I met you all! I would especially like to thank my good friend, Will--- whether you realize it or not, you made a difference in my life! Thanks for being my friend. You're the best! Thanks, Buddy!

Please send me more e-mail! If you wrote me in the last month, you know I write everyone back! (At the expense of finishing my Master's paper! ha ha!)


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