September 1998

Facing The Crowd

I still find it amazing that I was able to pull it off last year. But now I have to do it all over again. Last year, there was a boy I had a serious crush on. He had perfectly tanned skin and was about as tall as me. His brown eyes matched his hair and he had a voice I loved hearing. Now that I've definitely have your attention I'll continue. I'm mentioning this because I'm surprised that I was able to disguise my looks so that no one saw me staring at him. Now I have to deal with the boys again and make sure that no one sees me doing it. I have to go back to being me-by Me I mean the Me everyone thinks I am, and could have been. Next column I'll tell you whether or not it's working out.

The "New" Image

I'm doing some things to improve myself this year and to renew my reputation and image. Like now I'm starting to work out some more. And I know you're thinking image is nothing, as the Sprite commercials teach you, but it is important. I'm mainly working out to get into better shape than I was.

As for reputation, I took a big step last year when I was in seventh grade. I stood up for myself and luckily a lot of people saw me do it. This changed my sixth grade image as 'kid with no life' to my seventh grade image 'kid with an OK way'. This change might seem small but any step is an important one (as long as you're going in the right direction). With image improved, that improved my rep.

Something else I'm improving is my trust. Now I might trust a few more people then before. Keep in mind I only trust people that I know for a period longer then two months. Basically that's why I'm very picky with friends. Too many are sometimes willing to turn their back on you, but luckily that's what enemies are for. I remember last year a kid that was one my friend turned on me, I'm guessing because of his true blue friend. It must have been, because one day the kid just stopped talking to me with his fake New York accent. He was a minor loss though, because the only friends he had to back him up were Blue and the kids who cheated off him. My best defense is my great sense of sarcasm. If you know how to say the right things you can really get respect. I got that from some (most) of the kids who saw me get into word fights with kids. Now see, it's my attitude that I don't care who likes me as long as they listen. Listening is something else I have a reputation for. A lot of people know the cost of saying secret stuff around me. (It's not blackmail.) But before you try the sarcasm or listening you have to test their defenses. There. Now that I filled you with wisdom and military tactics, I believe I'll get back to the point. The "New" Image.

If you try to disguise your sexuality you must change yourself (in the eyes of others) if you want to be believed. I really can't explain it any further.

Finishing Touches

Well, we've discussed going back to school, changing the image and how to be careful wit friends. All right kids, that means it's time for me to close this neatly.

I disguise my preference because of how I am. Just because I don't want others to know, yet, doesn't mean you don't want them to. If my description sounds very similar to your choice, however, I hope you're able to pull it off. By the way, last issue I told you that I'd tell you more about myself. Well, you'll have to wait until I'm ready -- after all, I've only known you for two months. Until Halloween comes around next column, this is Tommy saying, 'See Ya'.

Tommy (rough_edges@hotmail. com)

P. S. -- I have this new address because the other one doesn't seem to work too great.

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