Letter from the Editor

September 1998

New York City and Broadway were fabulous, as always. Two weeks on the east coast didn't leave me much time to get Oasis together this month, the most apparent indicator of which is the ever-present Willi Wagner profile. I hope to have someone new profiled there next month. Honestly!

Next month is Gay History Month. Last month, I turned 30, so I am also officially gay history. But seriously, I would like people to write in and talk about anything history-related that interests them. It is also the 10th anniversary of National Coming Out Day on October 11. I no longer have anyone to come out to, so I will just celebrate Sunday. Telling people they can write about coming out next month is about the same as mentioning you can write about being gay, so there seems to be little need to state the obvious.

Coming out is always the hot topic for queer youth. It is the most-discussed, most-talked about topic on Oasis, I believe. The thing everyone has to be clear of is that coming out is a unique experience for every individual, and no one should ever feel compelled to come out because you read that your peers are doing it. I do, however, think coming out should be everyone's eventual goal. And, yes, some people do need to push themselves forward to do it. The "right moment" will never spontaneously happen, you will most likely need to create it.

One of the best things to do is just picture yourself comfortable and open about your sexuality, whether you are picturing yourself one year from now, or five or ten. Visualize the peace you want in your life, and realize it could be yours. And take whatever steps you can now, no matter how small they seem, and keep moving toward that goal.



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