October 1998

Welcome to My World of Confusion, Craziness, Rock & Roll, Love and Guitar Picks -- and we haven't even gotten near my sexuality yet


Hey, readers of Oasis!

I'm Fiona. I'm 17 years old, I'm from Los Angeles, California and I'm currently wrestling with Sexuality. Until recently, it was a lack of Sexuality. Since I don't believe in labels, and I'm hesitant to be stuck with any permanent title, I just refer to myself as "Sexual." Why do I capitalize that crazy word? Because at this time in my life, it's very much a part of me. Most girls that I know who are my age are gossiping about losing their virginity to their boyfriends and drooling over the latest teen heartthrob. However, I'm thinking about Leisha Hailey and Angelina Jolie rather than Leonardo DiCaprio. I develop fleeting crushes on guys -- but nothing more as of late. I've never had sex with a male, and quite honestly, right now I don't know when or if that will happen; right now my feelings of romance and how intimacy should be only drift towards women and men 50-50. I'm very happy with this currently!

"You Treat Me Like a Woman,
When I Feel Like A Man"
--"Hey Dude", Kula Shaker

A few of my gay male friends sometimes like to go off on tangents when they are around me about how "Straight people are just TOO different!". Perhaps it's because the majority of my friends are very much the stereotypical "fags". Could it be that the region of West Hollywood in which many of my friends spend time in showcases straights and gays as night and day from one another? Maybe. I also think it's because if you saw me, I'm as far from the stereotypical "Bull Dyke" as one can get. It makes it very hard to find a girlfriend or a boyfriend! My family suspects nothing, nor does anyone who watches me walk down the street. Being that I'm a professional actress, this is a very good thing. Rupert Everett can get away with his sexuality, but until Hollywood becomes even MORE open-minded, I can forget about it. Some people can drift by Hollywood's gaydar without too much controversy, ie; Angelina Jolie. She also comes from famous stock, one must not forget. Ahh Well -- we've come a long way. Given a few more years, here's to hoping we go even longer.

Me & Activism--Yay!

I'm currently a body-art activist for youth. I believe that if One can take care of any new bodyart, so long as they're at a reasonable age for certain piercings, that One should go ahead and get it! I love bodyart.. I'm here if anyone has any questions about piercings or tattoos, and can be emailed at LotusBlossom@antisocial.com I will talk more about this topic in future columns.

Thanks for reading -- just so it's known, my columns won't deal with the standard issues. Since I don't deal with coming out, I won't write about it. I do deal with the silent pride I have welling up inside me. I have special glances that I share with other's who are in "The Closet." I want to deal with the Exciting new word that I'm in, now that I've realized my sexuality. That, dear Readers, is what you will be seeing in the future from me.

That's it for this month--I welcome emails at any time (In fact, I urge you all to email me--LotusBlossom@antisocial.com!)

Til next time!

Fiona S.


Fiona is a 17 year old actress/body art activist and full-time Pagan Girrly Girl from Los Angeles, CA. She's currently single, and loves film, the Internet, green lava lamps, music, Dr Pepper and confident women. She can always be reached at LotusBlossom@antisocial.com!

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