Andrew George

October 1998

Well.... Here it goes. My name is Andrew George. I live in Collingwood, Ontario, Canada. I'm 13 and go to a stuffy, snotty, private school. As you can probably tell I don't like my school very much. I'm still closeted and don't like that very much either. There seem to be a lot of things I don't like. I work as a waiter at my parents' restaurant (only legal way I can work) and an aspiring journalist.

There, now that that's over with I will introduce my cast of characters:

Dad: obviously my high-strung over working and achieving Father figure.

Mom: obvious, my cheerful yet depressed mother.

Pothead: drug addict brother (not much more I can explain).

Perfection: my oddly perfect sister.

Giant: my sister's tall boyfriend

Squirrel: my sister's perky best friend.

Kelsey's staff: staff of Kelsey's (will be referred to as Kelsey's staff#1 and #2 and so on).

X & Y: two of my closest friends who don't go to my school.

Dream: my teacher, shrink, great friend, and outlet. the all-around greatest person in my life. First and basically only person I have ever told I was gay.

Of course, all names are fake. There will be more people once I start school.


I'll begin with when I met Dream.

Last year (Summer '97) I went to a drama camp (don't ask why, I now realise that I would never get any work as an actor). At the camp there was a counselor that seemed pretty cool. I talked to him and he seemed pretty interested.

Eventually I talked to him for about an hour every night. I slowly grew closer to him than I had with anyone else. One night I made the big decision and was going to tell him I was gay. I went out to the main dorm building and asked him if he could come to my room.

After what seemed like hours even though it was probably more like minutes, he showed up. I choked, I started to try to find some other reason for asking him here, I was babbling. He understood that something was wrong and asked me what was going on. I tried to say the words but I couldn't get them out of my throat. I was so upset I almost cried (I haven't cried for over 6 years). He again understood and started guessing what was trying to say.

After about five minutes of vague groping through what I couldn't say, he figured it out. He asked questions about how I know and how long have I known and everything. After that, we became almost inseparable. After the camp finished, some of us went to New York. I stayed with Dream in one room. He brought me some gay magazines and newspapers from Greenwich Village. After that we went back to Canada and he gave me his telephone number. I memorized it.


That's all for this month. I don't want to bore you any more than I already have.

In loving writing,

Andrew George

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