Sean Maguire

October 1998

The young man stepped up onto the stage - the soul focus of the world for a few minutes. He contemplated his position in the universe and spoke:

Sorry for not writing last month -- I have been really busy and forgot. But this would have been it:

he spoke softly, almost beckoning the audience with the low volume, ordering them to listen, and listen hard. He thought some more and told of his boredom. and his frustration. He paused. He listened. He opened his mouth and spoke in prose:

What is the point
of labouring
What is the point
of expressing
What is the point
of thinking
What is the point
of repeating
What is the point
of repeating
because it's all been said; all been done; all been typed; all been futile; all been futile, but has it been heard



and with that he left - for the last time, quietly slipping into the cosmos.


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