October 1998

Well, this is not my first time writing to Oasis, but it has been about a year since the last time I wrote and a lot of things happened to me that I just can't really get into.

I have recently went back to school and I'm a senior this year. Whoo-hoo! My last year of school and I was a little bit worried that I wouldn't be a senior because I missed so many days of school last year and I was home tutored and I didn't know where I stand at my school. Anyways, I would like to talk about some topics that I think might help a lot of gay youth or might help you feel better.

Last year, my school had an assembly about GSAs (Gay/Straight Alliances) and there was about 10-12 gay kids talking at my school about their experiences and they were giving advice about how to start a GSA and how to get help if you are being harassed by people. During the assembly I was suprised that there was no comments said during the assembly about the speakers or about gay people in general and after it was over 12 people wanted to start a GSA (myself included). We started one that day and our group has gotten bigger since then. Only I was at only 4 meetings and missed a bunch of stuff, but hopefully soon we are going to start it up again. There's also a diversity club at my school which also deals with gay topics so, if you decide that you would like to start any type of club with gay issues, a GSA or even a diversity club (which would be less likely for people at your school to oppose against because it's not all gay themes). It really helped me except that I was gay and we even went on a free field trip to the Gay/Straight Youth Pride March in Boston which is the only one like it in the US (gay/straight youth pride march that is). It was funded by the governor and there has been lots of GSAs starting in Massachusetts.

Another topic I would like to talk about is coming out at school. I am not out at school, mainly because I don't want to be harassed or beaten up by people. One of my friends in a close town is and he always asks me why I haven't come out. First of all, my school is a huge school compared to his and my school has more fights then his. I envy and applaud all of those gay kids who are out at their school. They have guts that I don't have now. I do think about it all the time and I am thinking about bringing my boyfriend to my prom (I'll talk aboout him next time). But, right now I don't have a lot of friends at school and it's not like I am hugely popular although lots of people like me and I never get picked on. I am just a normal kid who dresses preppy, shops at Gap and Abercrombie & Fitch, and looks like every other boy in school. I am told by a lot of people that I know how to dress and I'm cute. I really don't identify as gay with people because I don't talk or walk effeminate, I like sports, and I where what everybody else wears. But, on the other hand I do love plays (especially Rent and Chicago), boys obviously, Madonna (I Love Her!), Backstreet Boys, N'Sync, fashion, clothes, etc. That's what people consider a gay person is because they like those things, but I just think that's so unfair to stereotype people. Which brings me to my last and final point.

Why do people care if I am gay and I don't bother them? I understand that some people hate gay people and I can understand that they are ignorant to the fact that WE ARE ALL PEOPLE. I don't like the fact that people hate me because I have no control over who I like or love and I'm just being myself, but we don't live in a perfect world. So, to all you gay kids at there just know you are not alone, there are great sites on the web to help you out, YOU CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE, Be yourself, love is wonderful no matter who you love, and let everyone kiss your ass if they don't like it because everyone has power you just need to know how to use it and be happy. So, if you want to listen to Madonna or any other diva, or blare that Backstreet Boys' song or even star in a play then go for it and achieve your dream and don't let anybody bring you down. Nobody deserves to hurt you and you have the right to be happy. Thanks All For Listening! Much Love!


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