October 1998

Hi to all again,

I would like thank Fender for the constant e-mail. He is such a sweet guy.

Getting back to Wayne (you remember Wayne from last column?) After that night, we would spend just about every weekend together, sleepovers and all of that stuff.

This went on all through high school and we enjoyed every second of it. We even had some special nights but not like the one from my last column. We broke up at the end of our senior year but still kept the friendship going for a year after we broke up. Then he went into the army.

At boot camp, he would write me almost every week even if he did not have anything to say. I think he was just lonely. After boot camp, everything changed. He found a girlfriend. Then everything stopped, not even a letter.

Every Christmas, I will get a card, but why does he send a Christmas card once a year and then nothing else? I guess you find out who your friends really are and he was not one. We did spend one great night with each other and for that I'm grateful.

On the Internet, I have found some great new people to talk to. They are all great. I wish I could find Wayne to let him know how I feel but to be honest, who really cares?

I'm so confused after that night. I just do not know what I am, bi? Gay? or straight? I just wish no one had to use labels. Who wants to be labeled? Not me.

E-mail me if you get the urge at drberry@goplay.com Keep cool until next time....


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