October 1998

Good day to you!

I am sorry that I have not been able no respond to any e-mails lately, but my monitor literally blew up. I have been using my school's computers to send these articles. If you have sent an e-mail to me, and have not received a response, please do not be discouraged. I WILL answer them when my monitor has been fixed.

Well, now that the unpleasantries are over with, I said that I would talk about relationships. I feel that it is a shame that we cannot have a relationship with someone of the same sex, and not get criticized over and over again. To tell you the truth, I have not had any relationships with anybody of the same sex yet, primarily because I do not want to hurt their or my feelings. I currently do have a crush on a member of my senior class. He is one of the two people in this town that knows that I am gay. Now, I decided to tell the other person that I had a crush on this person, in return she said, "I don't think that you should tell him." And, of course, I agree with her. I should not, and will not tell him.

This sucks for me, because all that I can do is secretly look at him, and hope. He is an extremely nice kid. He is handsome, muscular, smart, and funny. I have gotten to know him, he has told me secrets, and I promised that I would not tell anybody, and I won't. I have slept in the same room with him, I have seen him mostly naked, and each passing day, when I see him in first hour Government, I start to want him. I am not ashamed to say this, because it is the truth. I know for a fact that I can never have him, because he is a hetero (unless he is a closet case, which I doubt), but a guy can wish.

How many of you live in a state where it is legal to marry someone of the same sex? Think of this: Women could not wear jeans for the longest time, or even vote. If you cannot marry in your state, I would recommend that you write to your Senator or Representative, and talk to him/her. I long for the day when we can freely marry the person that we would like to marry, without hassle.

I have another thing that I would like to talk about before I sign-off. I was recently watching The Birdcage on Cinemax, and I was annoyed. They portrayed gays as extremely feminine, overbearing, and more. I did not like this image, because so many lesbigays are normal average people. Take me for instance. Many people in my school think that I am hetero, there are even girls that have crushes on me. So images can be very deceiving.



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