October 1998


"It's been a long while since I been a superchile...." - B.T.K.

Well peoples, this has definitely been an interesting month so far. School came back in and it sucks cause of course I made the decision not to go back. It also sucks because I can now look but can't touch ... I'll explain more later.

I didn't realize how many things that deal with the gay community were so close to home. Recently I discovered that one of my friend's ex-partners recently contracted the HIV virus. It was getting pretty scary, as I realized that even though I still have yet to have my first sexual experience, I know that now that the scare has hit me closely. My friend is negative, though, which I am relieved over. I just need to make even more careful who I select as a partner.

This recent event has also spurred me to decide to raise money for the AIDS Walk, which is taking place here in late September. (I will not be attending, as I will be at a rave in Edmonton). In keeping with the topic of things that are changing in our ever evolving (or devolving considering on who you talk to) community, Café Browse shut it's doors after five years in the community. It's a severe shame, as now the community has only Diva's, and well the gay bar is not the safest place to be. I don't care what anyone has to say, I still don't consider it to be safe. My hopes is something takes it's place because we need as a community something like Browse which created a safe environment for gays and lesbians.

In a related topic, I have been approached with becoming a leader for OPY, which is the gay and lesbian youth support here in Saskatoon. I'm unsure yet about it, as I want to make sure that I do a good job. I won't know until I'll be getting home from Edmonton in early October. So that's one of the things that will be hanging in the balance. I guess what all of these miscellaneous topics have in common with the title of this month's article is more to do with community awareness as well as becoming more involved. I think that's something that everyone should think about. Everyone can become a hero or a "superchile" so to speak. He he.. anyone who watches Muchmusic in Canada will understand the quote as well as the title. The point of the story is basically you don't need to be a miracle worker to be involved, just be yourself ...

Anyhow, about the very first paragraph ... I have my first boyfriend! Finally. The only drawback is the fact that we're so far apart, but come Christmas he'll be here for awhile, which I am looking forward to immensely. Sorry that's all I'm gonna divulge for now..*grin*


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