October 1998

First, let me get this out of the way -- So far school is going fine, I'm happy with all my classes and I have friend in almost every class. The only problem is that in some of the classes (due to seating charts) my friends are separated, but they are closer to each other than I am to them. OK, now I will start the actual article.

Halloween Masks

Nearly everybody loves Halloween, but everyone loves it for a different reason. This, among other things, I know -- I also know that you at some point or another have probably lied on a bed, turned on the overhead ceiling fan, and try to watch one of the blades while it goes whizzing by.

I love Halloween for a very specific reason though -- I get to be someone else. Now don't think that I hate me (I told you the first time that I'm immodest) it's just that I love being able to take on someone else (don't you dare think of that in a nasty way.). It might be that I love to act or that I really love to switch roles every once in awhile. I'd like to know why you love Halloween, so please feel free to write me. I'll always love Halloween -- even when I'm old and gray I'll be dressed up handing out candy.

On A More Serious Note...

I've been having many experiences in my mail. I've so far met a teen from Ireland, a 27-year-old that shares a lot of the same opinions and views on child rights that I do, and every once in a while, I give Ty a E-call. If any more of you would like to share opinions then just mail me.

You'll also notice that this column isn't all that long. Well, if you remember correctly, I am still "in" and I only have so much time when I get home from school to turn this on and write a lot. But I rarely have anytime on the weekends, so I really will be ducking and curving a lot this year until I have more time before the fifteenth to write.

Speaking of writing, Oasis may be getting a new writer. He's the 27 y/o I told you about and he definitely seems capable of writing for Oasis (especially with his long letters!). If he ever calls Jeff I'm sure that he will agree that my new friend would be a great addition to Oasis!

Hoping to hear from a lot of readers,


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