I just wanted to congratulate Pat Robertson, the Christian Coalition, the Baptists, and many others on their success. There is one less gay youth in America to spoil the American Dream. There is one less gay person to destroy family values. There is one less human to spread disease and evil in this great country of ours. I'm sure God is looking down at you smiling and saying, " Way to go my boys!" Just think you only have approximately 25 million American gays to go (250 million x 10%). I hope congress will help you succeed by failing to pass laws to protect our most basic right - to LIVE.

I opened the Oasis page for Mathew and immediately saw the photo of Pat Rob-ertson and company. I was struck by an ironic thought. Mathew was pistol-whipped, beaten, strung up on a wooden beam (fence) and left to hang till he died (though he was fortunate enough to have died with his family and friends by his side in a hospital). Jesus, Pat Robertson's savior, was beaten, whipped and hung on a cross to die. Jesus was crucified and now a gay innocent youth has died in a similar fashion. If only Pat Robertson could be so lucky. Jesus taught us love and Pat teaches hate. I hope this is not our future.

Well I'm neither a poet nor even a slightly talented writer. I hope some of you can follow what I'm saying. I hope the religious right will see the hate, evil, and pain they cause. I hope that the gay youth do not lose heart but are stronger for this. I hope that this murder does not cause some gay youth to live in the closet forever afraid and forever unhappy. My prayers go out to you Mathew, your family, and your friends.

God Bless,