Scarecrow's Coming Out

By Seth Watkins

trussed up like a scarecrow
under midnight shadows
by the hands of bigotry and hate
our hero, our loved-one, and our brother

deep within a frozen wasteland
secret about the spirit of humanity
thugs, villains, and marauders
bash, break, beat, bruise, and burglarize

our friend, our peer, and our fellow
simply because they fear--
our spirit, our being, and our love
because it's eternal and closes distance

if only those of ignorance and hate
could take a heart within their hand
raise it to their nervous ear
and hear the sound of life

it calls--the universal human spirit
in a chorus of unconditional love
it is the true faith, the true God
it is the true Christian

yet the poor souls cannot hear
the resonance of that beauty
ricochets off their own hearts
and bounces into time and space--forgotten

they leave a helpless youth
to fend off the cold hand of Death
and scatter to the wind
like startled crows off a scarecrow

a family feels that pain
vibrating through its very essence
and rushes to love, to heal, and to hold at bay
the very hand of Death and Hate

this is our hero, our loved-one, and our brother
and not the scarecrow of ignorant
love deprived and cold-hearted
thugs, villains and murderers

we shall rise to our cause--
rise from the hospital beds
the streets and from our very graves
to love unconditional and for all time

we're coming out