Matthew's death has lit an everlasting candle in all of us. He has become our hero, and he is like the brother I have never known.

for Matthew Shepard...

once the darkness has found its way and has covered my world
i used to think that i could no longer continue on
we have all felt at sometime in our lives that the darkness brought on
too much to bear
but in the last few nights, as the light within my hero faded
i saw it get stronger within me
we want so many of the same dreams, the same simple dreams of peace and
love and justice
only now the view has changed, looking down upon the world from heaven
they say the angels are always with you, now I know Matthew is with them
tonight i say a prayer that say in your short life you accomplished
much, may you help me to accomplish those things which were not finished
as you light the darkness please know you will always be remembered
we love you, i love you, as the brother that i never had
in my heart you will remain