By Chuck

How many of the generals
in the christian army
smile when they hear of their soldiers?
How many nod and applaud when they
hear of the innocents slaughtered
by their indirect hands?

When the men and women and boys and girls
are rounded up in pens,
starved 'til their bones poke up
through their skin,

when soldiers with guns walk the fences
and shoot them without thinking;
When people are pulled from their homes
and tossed into the dirt
to be executed there without mercy,
for blood to be sticky on the
boots of passerbys;
When the attrocities hit the TV
our government reacts
we, the people, cry out,
we say stop it!
we say no!
this cannot go on!
And we call ourselves all good people.

When men and women and boys and girls
are pulled into cars and trucks
skulls cracked and bones broken,
tied up Christ-like to rot on a fence
with blood spilling out of holes in their bodies
When the media soliders armed with their words
patrol the headlines and
command these sights
where are we, the people, now?

Where is our usual swift retaliation,
where is our clarion call to justice,
to peace?

How many?
Those in the positions, in the seats of power--
we put it to you now:
how many bodies do you want?
How many corpses do you want dropped
on your doorstep in order for
love and peace
to be worth your elected time?
How long before, in your absence,
we do as these footsoldiers have?
How long until we strike back in this war
And then you condemn us,
but not them?

How many generals?
How many preachers?
How many dead?
How many?
How long?
How far?
How much?
For it all
to matter?


Chuck's email address is bacchus52376@yahoo.com and his website is at http://g-net.net/~bacchus/