Knife Chant

By Matthew McLauchlin

(in memory of Matthew Shepard, 1977-1998)

bitch of disharmony
carver of death
bloodlord of war
hag of destruction

hear my shriek

channel my energy
focus my rage
purify my hatred
narrow my passion
point my spite

against those who murder senselessly
those who destroy but not to create
who tear the singers from the dance
before their wonted time
who shatter the ancient cycles
who create only cancer

I call down the purified rage of my people
and the karmic backlash of millenia of torture
to burn the teratoma away
from the psyche of humankind

may my earth-black and fire-red emotions
of rage and death
blast away the stagnant undergrowth
in which stinking choking weeds take tangled root,
and crack open the dormant seedlings
of truth and justice.

so mote it be.