Billy's Boy paperback is due out

BILLY'S BOY continues the landmark series beginning with THE FRONT RUNNER. It's the first-person story of a teenage boy who was born in 1977 in the first book. As John William searches for information about the mysterious death of his gay father, he makes his first profound discoveries about love, family, sex, his best friend...and himself. A story of innocence and risk in the 1990s, it takes Warren's fiction into a new dimension.

At the June 28 "Lammies" in Chicago, held traditionally on the eve of the nation's biggest book expo, BILLY'S BOY was awarded the 1997 Editors' Choice Award. The presenter, Lambda Book Report editor Kanani Kauka, honored Patricia Nell Warren's body of work over the past quarter century, and the importance of the "family saga" that the Front Runner series has become.

The book was also a finalist for the 1997 Small Press Book Awards.

Books will start shipping around October 1. Call our sales associate Joel Feldman at 323/966-2466 or fax him at 323/966-2467.

Review copies are available on request. Autographed copies can be purchased directly on our Web page at www.wildcatpress.com, via secure credit-card purchase.

Special rates -- and our support with fundraising (complete with the author attending your event) -- are available to youth groups, community nonprofit organizations, Pride festivals. Buy soon -- our first printing is already heavily pre-sold!

The BILLY'S BOY hardcover showed surprising sales, in a time of diminishing sales for hardcovers. The first hardcover printing sold out in November, its first month in print, and Wildcat has reprinted twice. The book made #1 on the Lambda bestseller list for gay fiction, as well as The Advocate's bestseller list. Different Light and numerous other independent g & l stores reported that BILLY'S BOY was among their top sellers. The first serial ran in Oasis Magazine, popular online youth publication.

Rave reviews include Library Journal, Independent Publisher, Oasis Magazine, The Washington Blade, Frontiers, Gay and Lesbian Times, The 4Front, Outword The book also garnered pre-publication praise from many community figures, including David Mixner, Virginia Uribe, Jeff Horton, Leroy Aarons, John Rechy, Rev. Nancy Wilson and others. Reader letters, including many from young people, have been pouring in via email.

Author Warren continues to do booksignings, lectures and radio shows. Warren was the subject of a Los Angeles Times feature early in 1997, as well as features in Small Press Magazine and Independent Publisher Magazine.

Sales of BILLY'S BOY sparked a new sales surge of the previous two books in the series, THE FRONT RUNNER and HARLAN'S RACE. THE FRONT RUNNER continues to be a top seller in its own right, with some independent stores telling us that this 24-year-old novel stays consistently on their bestseller shelf year after year. Around 10 million copies are in print, in 8 languages, with Chinese and Latvian soon to be added -- Wildcat Press just concluded its rights negotiations with Worldson Books in Hong Kong and Atena in Riga, Latvia.

The other day, a young fan emailed us:

"I'm 20 years old... as a Creative Writing major, your book is prized in my collection. I had never cried after reading something, never had I felt so close to a fictional character. I finished "The Front Runner" in two days, and by the third I was reading "Billy's Boy". At first I was skeptical at how a woman could capture the love between two men. Well, Ms. Warren, I haven't come that close, not on paper, not even in life. I do not have the words to thank you enough."

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