Gay Financial Network Launches a Faster, More Informative Finance and Investment Website

The Gay Financial Network, LLC (gfn.com), distributor of online financial and investment information and services, recently announced the introduction of a new gfn.com website. The new site (www.gfn.com) is an enhanced version of the original gfn.com site, launched in April of this year.

The gfn.com redesign improves the user's experience by greatly simplifying site navigation, thereby allowing users to find the information they need faster and more easily. By providing access to gay and lesbian-targeted content, as well as a vast array of general financial and investment information, gfn.com offers the gay and lesbian investor a truly unique service on the web. Through its new easy-to-use interface, improved searching capability and convenient investment services, the new gfn.com provides users an alternative to sifting through endless, frequently irrelevant web links looking for the information they need.

According to Walter B. Schubert, Jr., president and CEO of gfn.com, the new site is a direct result of user feedback and illustrates the company's ongoing commitment to be the leading provider of financial information targeted to the gay and lesbian investor. "Up until now, the goal of providing high-quality information to meet the unique personal financial needs of gays and lesbians has been non-existent at worst, and a second-tier goal at best. For gfn.com, it is our only reason for being. We understand that gay men and women may have different financial goals and risk profiles than other investors, and gfn.com serves to meet those differences in a way that other financial institutions cannot. However, we also recognize that there are many similarities among all investors, and we have not shortchanged those needs," said Schubert. "Today's gay and lesbian investors are looking to maximize their finances by gaining personally relevant knowledge in a time-efficient manner, without sacrificing accuracy or breadth of information. gfn.com is meant to serve the widest variety of needs of the gay and lesbian community. "

About gfn.com

gfn.com (http://www.gfn.com) is the web‚s first investment site that provides the gay and lesbian community comprehensive personal financial information on everything from buying a home to making a stock trade. The site includes online investing through gfn.com Investments; information on the gay policies and practices of Corporate America; financial planning and portfolio management features; financial articles and columns from Wall Street experts; daily market coverage from the Street.com and others; information on investment clubs and links to other websites.

About Walter B. Schubert

Walter B. Schubert, president and CEO of gfn.com, is a third generation and 20 year veteran of New York's Financial District, and the first openly gay member of the New York Stock Exchange. Mr. Schubert is also president and CEO of SGI Ltd., a member firm of the New York Stock Exchange, National Association of Securities Dealers (NASD) and SIPC. SGI Specializes in institutional Architecture and order execution in publicly traded equity securities. SGI Ltd. is the parent company of the Gay Financial Network, GFN LLC.

About GFN Investments

GFN Investments (http://www.gfn.com/investments.htm), a service of FarSight Financial Services, offers a variety of investment services, including discount online stock trading, free real-time stock quotes, electronic bill paying, access to over 5,000 mutual funds, ATM debit cards and more. There is no fee to join or open an investment account, no minimum deposit, the first trade is free and trades thereafter are $19.95 (for up to 1,000 shares. An additional $.02 per share over 1,000 shares).

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