A memo from the editor:

I'm trying to figure out what the direction of "Profiles in Courage" should be going forward. When Oasis started nearly three years ago, the world of queer and questioning youth was very different.

In 1995, finding teens who were openly gay and had a simple story to tell (whether they were out at school or were very open online) was far more rare. In the current climate, a profile on someone who is out at school is not unique enough.

As of late, we've profiled more teens who were plaintiffs against their schools (such as Jamie Nabozny or Willi Wagner) or had extraordinary tales to tell (like Tom Beddingfield). We also profiles our first heterosexual Profile with Steve Cozza.

So, the question is... what do you feel the limit should be to merit being profiled in Oasis. As a former journalist (and a court reporter at that!), I'm drawn to the legal stuff and more extraordinary stories. But, maybe just reading about everyday teens is more interesting to you.

Drop me a line so that as Oasis moves into its third year, it is more the magazine you want to read. It is your magazine, after all...

Send your feedback to jeff@oasismag.com

And thanks for helping to shape Oasis' future...