November 1998

An Assortment of Thoughts and Comments.

I look back into these past 4 months and a lot has changed. There are several topics I want to address.

First of all, Matthew Shepard. My heart goes out to your family and to you. God bless and I hope that you're having an awesome time up there.

In extension of the first section, I think all the gay groups, in America and everywhere, are overusing his death for their agenda. The promotion of gay rights/hate crime bill is extremely important, but not at the price of this young man's dignity, in life and in death.

And as for the asswipes who picketed his funeral, may you rot in hell, after a painful and debilitating disease.

Second, my mom. In my room, I have a variety of gay paraphernalia: copies of Xtra West--Vancouver's Gay and Lesbian Biweekly, Dykes To Watch Out For comics and the a gay guide to Vancouver. A month ago, she was in my closet, (literally!) because I keep some of my old school stuff there and she was digging them up for my brother. Afterward, (after I had found out that she was in the exact same place where the above mentioned items can be found) I noticed that they had been arranged in a different order.

She hasn't said anything about it, yet. I don't know. At first, I was angry at myself for being so fucking stupid to put them in that place. She has been known for her anti-gay stance, and she's also Catholic. Is each waiting for the other to make the first move? If this does get full blown out into the open, and the atmosphere is so intolerant to the point of unbearable, I will move out myself.

Third, I want to form a gay-straight alliance, either within my school or in collaboration with the other schools in my city. If you have done so, please email me (eoan@hotmail.com) about your experiences, suggestions, or anything. One more thing: Has such a group been formed in Canada, or in British Columbia?



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