November 1998

avedea3, 18, lives near Minneapolis MN.

I didn't have the chance to write in the Oct. issue because, umm, I was busy? Well I was, but I think I could have gotten off my ass to write a bit of some thing, but I didn't.. but anyhow, hear me out, violence is still thriving, whether we think so or not..

On Sept. 8, I had this not so nice confutation by three males, all of different races, and were troubled by the fact that I "look" gay, or by the fact that I don't look normal.. (that night I was wearing a pair of overalls, had most of my dreads pulled back, and had only ear piercing in). They had this "fun" mocking match at me, and thought it was funnier than beating their parents, and decided that I would make a great target for a hate crime.

As I don't believe in any form of violence, I refuse to fight, and another thing it's the most pointless thing that the human species can perform. As I left the arena, and waited until I though it was safe/wore out my welcome talking to a friend, and while leaving they decided to jump me.. as I ended up with broke bones in my face, and this and that.

Bones heal, cuts and bruises turn to scars and skin.. but the thing that is hurt that most is my pride.. not the pride of not being manly enough, but the fact that I though the world was better than this.. I though what's next, a lynch mob?

So I have done a few things to help myself. I went to an old high school that I lasted about a month in, and am a guest speaker in a safe staff gathering. Basically, I'm telling teachers and such the reason I couldn't be in school, and the reason I quit, and how this program would have helped me.. it always helps teachers to hear it from a student, rather than a staff member.


avedea3 is attending an arts high school in the horrid state of Minnesota ::still:: trying to get his diploma, is also in college, has a major that he is striving for, and loves to get mail about topics such as this, or on the basis of what color your lovely dreaded extensions are. Drop him a line, kris@wavetech.net, but if your gonna be coy about it, don't bother, coy is a waste of time <no bad karma intended>

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