Kristen Foery

November 1998

Kristen blabs on about nothing!

First things first. I would like to correct a few errors that I made in my previous column; homosexuality was removed from the APA list of disorders in 1973, not 1976, and the '10% of the population is queer' study has been debunked; more reliable numbers suggest something in the neighborhood of 1-4%. I regret my editing boneheadedness.

Last month's article prompted quite an interesting correspondence. <waves to Riki and Jett>. I apologize for not having a raging emotional column this month, but I'm busy writing my latest masterpiece of poetry, The dark, painfully lonely spiraling pit of despair.

Actually, I do have an observation to run by everyone: So, why is it that divorce is mentioned far more times in the bible than being queer, and many Religious Right have been divorced? There are hundreds of laws of purity in the Old Testament -- what's the blend of your shirt? -- and nobody follows them. Oh, yeah, Jesus never talked about being gay...

Why is it that there seems to be no middle ground? It's us against them, gays vs. the 'Religious Right'. We look at the same words, the same laws, and snipe at each other from opposite ends of the spectrum. We need to find common ground.

I've participated in a lot of 'gay gene' arguments recently. It's very tiresome to talk about something that everyone has an opinion about, but nobody really knows... I think that it's genetics plus environment, like most things that don't have *a* gene are. Does it matter? We're here, and we're not going away. I don't care what made me what I am, I just want to be happy.

Which, I suppose, can also be said about ex-gays. Whatever makes them happy. I just wish that they didn't hurt us in their being happy.

The death of Matt Shepard makes me sick. But I think we should remember him for who he was; he was more than a gay martyr. To quote my latest penpal, "It was a life, not a press release."

The email list I work for is up in arms over his death. I hope some good will come out of this. However, sitting next to the girl wearing a yellow ribbon often is a boy talking about how 'the cocksucker deserved to die'.

Last month I began a GSA at my school. We're extremely small, but growing. We're also the most controversial group in the whole school. I'm so proud.

Next month will be better, I promise,


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