Andrew George

November 1998

Hmm... What to write... Well, how 'bout what I'm thinkin' about right now. Well, I think Perfection (My sis, if you don't remember) found out I'm gay, actually I'm almost sure she did. One night, I was on IRC as usual in my dorm and Perfection 'DCC'ed me and I responded. We held a regular conversation and she told that she had talked to one of her friends (female, a lesbian, we'll call her Chicka) and that Chicka said that I could call her if I wanted to. This just didn't sound right. Chicka was always more of my sister's or even my brother's friend than mine and I hadn't talked to her in a long time.

While I was lying in bed I got to thinking. She called my sister a few days after my first article was published, I knew she had done some stuff on the internet. I figured that she had read my article and called my sister. I still haven't seen her since I got back from school for the weekend (she's out partyin' while I'm here doing absolutely nothing) so I'll drop a few hints and see if she picks up on 'em and Chicka, if you're reading this and I still haven't called you back, send me some mail, that address is kippler19@hotmail.com.

School started out okay, I got only one roommate (last year I had three) who I roomed with last year and a pretty good dorm. My classes are okay, but I didn't get the English teacher I wanted but, you can't get everything. I have gotten a lot of responses to my last article and I absolutely love it. I love getting mail! Please, send more!

* * *

Well, a few days have passed and not much has happened. I am at school and should be working on my health homework but that doesn't matter; the teacher is an asshole and I know more about the human body than he does. Someone once asked him to explain a muscle contraction and he told them it was too technical and that they wouldn't understand. But anyway, you guys don't care about my health teacher, or my English teacher for that matter, now that guy has some problems! Getting sidetracked, sorry.

Gawd, this place really is boring. I'm sitting in front of my laptop, at my desk, in my dorm and I just realized that after I finish this article, I will have nothing to do. Sure, I could do my homework but, I don't really want to. Maybe I can just make a really long article, detailing every little aspect of my life but, then I'd bore you to death so maybe that wouldn't be such a good idea.

I need a boyfriend. I know, I know, don't we all, but, I just need one. Maybe I have that complex, what is it? The fear of being alone? Oh well, I'd never make a good therapist, too many problems of my own, I'd just mess my patients up more. I'd be the anti-therapist, causing my patients to leave my care with more complexes and social problems than before!

I don't just need a boyfriend, I need a boyfriend who conquers all boyfriends. The perfect man. Sigh. Oh well, he doesn't exist. If the perfect man did exist, he would have his own primetime series and a booming fan club by now. I could settle for the less-than-perfect man, or even the not-close-to-perfect man. All right, I lower my standards; he has to have all the correct appendages and be able to talk and walk, at the same time. Is that so hard to ask for? Now I need a cigarette. Oh yeah, never smoke, it's not a good thing. If I find out any of my readers smoke, I'll come down there, tear off their right arm and beat them with the wet end.

* * *

Ooh la la, new and interesting information! As it appears, my sister might be reading this article! Hi! I know you have lotsa questions, so ask 'em. She didn't really know that I knew, but I guess that now she does. Anyway, I have a lot of homework tonight and if I don't send this thing in, it won't get published so, till next month, I'm audi,

In loving writing,

Andrew George

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