November 1998

Hello again everyone. I really do want to say I am sorry for not writing in last month's issue like I said I would.

Update on the Local guy....

I told you that I have found a guy on the personal ads from town here. We've have met up face to face after talking to him on here for a few days. He was really happy that we have found each other. He said it's great to have a friend right here in town that can relate to what he's going though, and do stuff together.

Bryan (the local guy) wanted to meet my gay friends. So we were going to get together to meet a friend of mine and his boyfriend to go to the State Fair. But he was not feeling well, and was unable to join me.

We've gotten together a few different times here at my place. I took him to the Cities to show him around up there like Rainbow Road store, and the Uptown area in Minneapolis.

Matthew Shepard issue...

When I heard about the beating of Matt, it really made me "sick." I thought, man, that could have been me, Bryan, or any of my gay friends. When the people that beat him said they were just out to rob him. I thought, ummmm, I don't think so!

When Matt died, I was hearing a lot of responses from the people at work who said that Matt should have not died, and the guys who beat him should be put away for good or death chair.... So, it kind of made me feel good since these people are mourning for the lost of this young gay man. And hearing that a gay person should not have to suffer though that and should have a free happy life as anyone else does.

Me and Bryan made a trip up to Minneapolis to Matthew's Candlelight Vigil service. It was moving to see all of these people like our US Senator, and other State rep. there grieving the lost of Matthew.


Well, that's all I got for now. and I am past the deadline! Sorry Jeff! I do plan on picking up on little about my growing up years of being gay in the next Issue of Oasis!

And also, Bryan has mention me that he plan on writing for Oasis in the Dec Issue! So, watch for him!

Till then see ya next month!


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