Jason Lyons

November 1998

According to Webster's, FEAR (noun): unpleasant emotion caused by expectation or awareness of danger

Felt the burn lately? You know that all to familiar feeling. The one that envelopes you and places its vice grip around your throat that moment when you walk into your room, and there sits your mom reading your latest copy of XY.

Or when your riding in a entirely closed, moving vehicle with a friend, you're driving and they turn to you and ask you, "Are you attracted to Guys/Girls?" Not often that there's a doe caught in headlights within the car, huh?

And what about those wonderful gifts that FEAR brings along with it; sweating, breathing difficulty and the shakes just to name a few. Can you imagine the stress to your body, your heart alone? Stop, I know I'm scaring you, right?

As a society, I believe we have been taught and in turn teach, fear of "Fear". This could be why, for some, that when caught in the above situations and faced with FIGHT or FLIGHT, we choose FLIGHT.

"Uh, yeah Mom, I wanted to, uh, talk to you about those things...I, err, found them under Timmy's bed, ya uh, last weekend."

"What do you mean? You think I'm gay? You can be such a pretentious dork...So What movie did you want to see?"

Maybe those aren't the most realistic FLIGHT answers (let's hope not for Timmy's sake). You get the drift though. Now we'll take a look at the possible "FIGHT" answers.

"What are you doing in my room. Don't you have any respect? Get out of my room."

"What are you sick in the head? Did you eat your Wheaties this morning or did you overdose again on Captain Crunch? I ain't going to any movie with a freak like you."

HMMMM....actually, that one doesn't look all that hot either, does it? Let's take a look then at another definition of FEAR.

According to LYONS (the new revised Webster's) FEAR (noun): A gift from the Gods, sent to the receiver to give them extra strength to get through the next few moments.

You know that feeling don't you. The burn, the pumping of your blood and a tingling sensation that coarses through your body as you come out to your mom or another. That same feeling when you go to a boss or supervising associate to report a wrong doing. It's the feeling that envelopes us when we are about to do something that before that moment was out of our ability.

Webster's revised, FEAR (noun): the emotion sent to us in moments of expectation by the Gods/God...an enhancing drug for emotional, physical, and spiritual strength

Feel the burn and run with it.



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