November 1998

(I'm abandoning the time-and-date format, since it gets awfully cumbersome sometimes.)

It's three days until deadline, (Columbus Day) and I've conveniently found something that gets me fired up to write about that isn't entirely about Paul.

What if every hate crime was covered like Matthew Shepard's story?

What if every prejudiced or bigoted act was the lead story on CNN?

Then would the people in charge of this country still call it "special rights" to protect people from hate crimes?

What if the minority suddenly started committing all of this violence against the majority -- just like they do to us?

What if we complained about it being special rights because they were covering their own asses?

Does anybody actually think that the feelings of the constituency are considered in how the representatives vote?

To a certain extent, I know I'm being fought for in the government. I live in literally the most Democratic district for the Texas House of Representatives, so liberal that our openly gay representative is running virtually unopposed this year.


"I'm falling, falling for you babe
and my feelings are getting stronger

I know that my face
Is only too familiar to your sleep
I can see it in your eyes
I can tell by your body heat"

--Imogen Heap, "Come Here Boy"

If I had the choice, I'd put the entire song onto this column; it is SO my situation with Paul right now: you're attracted to somebody -- and they're attracted back -- but you want them to make the first move. (I'll put a link to the whole thing on my web page.)

I'm going to try and compress into one paragraph everything that has been going on with us this past month, since I'm sure I've bored everyone to death with it already. To start with, his friends know something; I have no clue whether it's because we're just obvious, or whether he's telling them. One seems fine with it, another seems determined to get me away from him by intimidation and/or literally and/or figuratively crowding me out. (Not that either works. We're the two physically biggest guys in the class, so it's going to be quite a tense stalemate.) The more I know about him, the more questions it brings up. Such as getting caught up in the little things that nobody else would notice or care about, but am I so busy seeing the details that I'm missing the big picture? (and so forth)

Thanking you for putting up with my little crush for another month,



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