Joshua G. Pope

November 1998

I am lost. Floating in a sea of emotions. Not knowing witch way to go to find a peaceful loving land. Enormous waves of pain, anger, and rage crash down upon my vessel. Breaking me apart piece by piece.

I search and search for the guiding light from the light house. The fog of lies and the rain of abuse blur my vision. I am left with nothing but deceit. I pray to the Higher Being to send a rescue party for me. I fear if I am not found soon that I will drown in the black icy waters of depression. Never to be heard from again.

I start to feel the hypothermia of confusion settle in. The agony is overwhelming. I close my eyes. When I finally open them again I realize that I get to go thorough it all again.

My name is Joshua G. Pope. I have been writing about my pain and the pain of others for many years. I do so to help others realize that there is other people in this decaying world of ours that go through the same pain. If you have a comment you may sent it to Gothicrealm@Hotmail.com


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