November 1998

Hey there! I'm kind of new at this "magazine writer" thing, so bear with me. My name is Robby, and I am 17 years old. I live in Texas, but I don't think I want to tell the town name. Even though my town has one of the highest "gay people to straight people" ratio in the world (like 1 in 5 is gay), no one my age wants to admit it, and I don't feel like getting killed over this.

I have an interesting story to tell. It has action, excitement, and lust. Ok, it doesn't have any of these, but how was that for a lead in? Well, the other day, I was on the Internet looking up resources of gay youth in America (no porn or anything dirty like that). Well, unbeknownst to me, my mother put some sort of tracking thing on the computer to catch my dad looking at porn, but instead she caught me looking at resources for gay people. Well, she doesn't know I'm gay, so when she saw this, she freaked out. She came into my room (this was 8 a.m.) and she shook me until I woke up. When I did, she said, "I saw what you were looking at on the Internet. Either stop looking at that nasty stuff, and don't be gay, or leave my house!"

Now, maybe you don't understand. My mother is the closest thing to a best friend I have. If it wasn't for her constant love and companionship, I would have killed myself many years ago. She is the nicest, and coolest, grown up I know. Everyone of my friends love her, and they are always telling me how much they wish they had her for a mom. So, her freaking out was totally out of character. I have never seen her acting so strange.

After I got the courage to come back home (after about 7 hours), she was acting totally normal, and to this day she hasn't said a single word about that morning, or the fact I'm gay. Pretty strange, huh?

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