November 1998

Well, it is that time of month again. I have put it off because I had nothing to talk about. Yes, it is the 15th, at 11:30 PM, and I am just now getting to write this. I have bad news for me, it really doesn't affect any of you, unless you live in my town. My Mom has decided to quit her teaching job here, and move away, because the Principal is defying the rule book. Right now, we are going to stay in town for the rest of this month. If you live in the same town as I, then you should have been able to figure out who I am. But I will keep everybody up-to-date on where I am going to move to.

There really hasn't been anything too pressing this month. The only thing that is really bothering me was the beating of Matthew Shepard at the University of Wyoming. This is a terrible incident, but that in itself is obvious. America needs to wake up and realize that hate is an important issue, especially in such rural places as Wyoming, and Montana, that have no influence from large urban places. I for one live in a town with no minorities, and where people still call African-Americans Nigger (no offense intended). I try my best to prevent these racist remarks, but that is to no avail.

Another issue that is bothering me is the fact that men that are clearly not homosexual act it in public, and their friends encourage such activities. This really upsets me, because if I did that, I would be teased and ridiculed, and eventually beaten. That is why I am still in the closet. Only two people in this town know, and they have told me that they would not, and have not told anybody. It is said that you can not find a friend that you can tell something, and they will keep it in the strictest of confidence. I say that I have found two people like that here.

Thanks for being such great listeners.

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