Graham Scott

November 1998

Okay, I finally did it.

I am officially out to my parents.

October 3rd, 1998, 12:48 am. (okay, strictly that should be October 4th, since it's after midnight, but I don't care.)

They were both fine. It was all eerily normal. My mom said, "I'm glad you've decided to be honest with us," and all that stuff. They are both now wanting to talk about it.

This is a problem.

I really DON'T want to talk. Now I just want to change the subject. Before, I thought that once I had come out to them, the floodgates would be open, I would be eager to share every little tidbit of my life with them.


Now all I want to do is something else. I do homework, I watch TV, I stare out the window. ANYTHING not to have to talk to them about myself.

I know that eventually I'll be willing to talk with them, but not yet.

One thing that did grate on my nerves was my mother telling me about how difficult was, as if she was there. "You've been in a place called 'the closet'" she enlightened me.

Thank you, mom, for telling me all about "the closet," as if I needed to know.

They have suspected for some time, however. I guess I wasn't surprised at that.

That's all for this month. I'll be back to regular programming next time.

This Month's crappy public service announcement:


"If PBS doesn't do it, who will?"


I will.

Graham Scott

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