November 1998

Thanks to everyone who has mailed me, it's nice to know I'm not the only one out there.


July 18

I'm really tired, but I want to write this.

I don't know what it is. I'm not sure if I notice it more or what, but lately I have had people that I don't know exclaim to me about women that are really good looking, or should I say, "hot," "a nice piece of ass," or other derogatory things.

The other day when Armored came, the guy asked me if I was married, apparently assuming that was an invitation to his little secret. When I said no, he began telling me about all the "fine looking girls over at Charlotte Russe." Whenever I get into a situation like that it's like taking a test, but not one that I've ever been able to go to class for. What is the correct response to the statement, "Look at those tits." A) "Yeah. And a nice ass too!" B) "Uhhh. Ohh. I didn't notice." C) "I'm gay. Didn't you see that guy with the cute butt?" It's annoying, frustrating, and all-around awkward.

Just tonight, after seeing "The Mask of Zorro" some guys were walking to their cars and one of them asked me, "Did you see Zorro? Wasn't she really hot! You do like girls don't you?" I didn't really say anything back to them. I halfway wanted to say, "I'm gay, and Antonio Banderas was more my type." But it was two in the morning in a mostly empty parking lot, with three big guys that probably were not too friendly to limp-wristed pansies such as myself.

Blah. I'm tired.


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