November 1998

I felt almost guilty taking last month off from my column, but I'm back now! My Master's paper is finished and I am relieved beyond words! Thank you to all of you who have taken the time to read my previous columns and shared your feelings and words of encouragement.

I haven't heard from some of you in awhile, so I hope everything is ok and we can talk again soon.

Back to the real reason we are here! I feel the need to address the sad issue of Matthew Shepard's murder. In short, I encourage you all to make contact with your local government officials and representatives in Washington, DC to establish strong hate crime legislation! This young man should never have lost his life for his beliefs and Matthew was only one of many young gays who are brutalized for being gay. This has to stop now! E-mail your legislators and President Clinton! It'll only take a moment of your time and every voice is needed to draw national attention to this travesty!

Anyone know of any job openings for teachers where they are?! The Midwestern mentality towards homosexuality (probably no different from anywhere else) is really getting me down. I write for Oasis because it makes me feel less alone. Now, I want to live someplace I can feel ok being who I am. The constant fear of being "outed" is really becoming a concern. I am not ready to come out, and will when I chose. However, people are beginning to wonder about "Is he or isn't he?"

I met a really nice guy online a few weeks ago. I am sure he will read this article and I just wanted to let you know, Adam, how much you mean to me and that life would be pretty unbearable without you. Thanks for being so much more than a friend! I love you.

So, what do you think about a single, gay guy adopting a kid? It's something I have wanted to do for awhile. I can't stand the thought of not being a dad -- which is a hard biological issue for gay guys! Some people think it will be extremely difficult as the child grows up to deal with the fact that his dad is gay. Am I being selfish to want a child? I know I would be a great dad. Is that enough, though?

I have been wondering about something else, too. I wonder how many people read my column, so if you have gotten this far...please e-mail me a note. I will answer every message that I receive. I have made some wonderful friends through Oasis, so this is your "big chance!" ha ha

Thanks for reading my "stuff." Please remember what I said to do earlier about hate crime legislation.

Peace and love,


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