November 1998

Here's the Deal with Me

OK , Oasis readers. Here's the deal with me. I just got over a three week depression that was brought on by many different things. A lot has recently happened to me that is making me go back on a few things from my previous articles. First of all, I no longer believe in the trust that I have forced myself to give other people. From now on I am totally going back to my own ways which are just leave me alone until I feel like talking to you. Now, this is not true -- NOT TRUE -- with you my fellow followers. I still have respect and caring towards you, but back here in Florida I have just about had it with everyone.

Wanna Know Why?

This is why -- I have absolutely had it with people who think that looks get them everything. Granted, looks can get you a lot now a days, but I am tired of the ones who think that if they look better than you then they must BE better than you too. Now, I believe, faithfully, in child rights and child respect, but as it turns out, a lot of the ones who should care are too busy worrying about how their hair looks and if the white shirt goes with the far too baggy pants. Some kids try to get away with their bad taste in dressing (most of them) by saying it's how they express themselves -- if they can even think that up. But most of them just can't see past the vanity that they have for themselves. This is why I really don't have much of a social life --except with my REAL friends, the ones who don't judge me on how I dress.

The Trust Thing

Now, I have always believed that kids are smart, but with what I have experienced down here, I think the future that is up to us is looking very bleak. I know that these type of social lite kids aren't just down here. I know that for every one type of person there is another very similar somewhere else -- which makes Ty's heartbreaking column last month make us realize that these creeps, perverts, and bastards can be anywhere. But don't think that I am going to kill myself over this now. I have tried that before, and I don't ever want to have to even think of it again. Luckily, my 132lbs. body was too heavy for the thin plastic shower pole, and my towel didn't fit well enough around my neck. God, I never will get as desperate for release as I was that night. Thanks for reading my pain, my readers. Oasis has become my opening for releasing all the secrets that I have buried deep within myself.

Guys if your life sounds eerily familiar to this article, then PLEASE,please, get yourself free of any problems that you have been suffering by telling someone your problems. Don't do what I tried, and don't wait for them to go away-get rid of them. If you want, my E-mail is open all the time. See ya.


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